60 Food Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. The oldest evidence for soup is from 6,000 B.C. and calls for hippopotamus and sparrow meat. 2. Pringles once had a lawsuit trying to prove that they weren’t really potato chips 3. Pound cake got its name from its original recipe, which called for a pound each of butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. 4. […]

Interesting Facts About Cupcakes …

Cupcakes have become quite a phenomenon in the last few years. It seems that every bakery is selling them, #people are setting up home baking businesses, and there are thousands of cookbooks. Cupcakes are everywhere! So if you´re among their fans, here are some interesting and strange facts about cupcakes … 1. In Britain cupcakes […]

Mouth Watering Cupcakes

  When you heard about the word ‘cupcake’ what comes first into your mind? All you can imagine is the sweetness and fluffiness it will bring to your taste. Those small cakes that are attractive to the eyes, so mouth watering. A lot of people think that the word “cupcake” comes from the idea that […]